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It is only natural to shop around from one company to the next when in need of Repair or Plumbing in Atlanta GA. But Atlanta Area Plumbing wants Atlanta Ga residents to have a valid and clearly reliable option. If you are spending your hard earned money, you should end-up with a desired product. This is precisely why Atlanta Area Plumbing Inc guarantees quality assistance.

At Atlanta Area Plumbing Inc our clients are our priority, first and foremost. This is why we work with our clients to determine their specific needs and tailor our solutions in accordance, whether it deals with Repair or Plumbing. We are proud to assist the Atlanta Ga community.

At Atlanta Area Plumbing Inc we maintain a trait which sets us apart from the competition in Atlanta Ga. Whether we are dealing with Repair or Plumbing, we remain versatile and focused. Flexibility is necessary because not every client in the Atlanta Ga community has identical requirements




Atlanta Area Plumbing Repair Service in the Atlanta Metro Area

Atlanta Area Plumbing is an established and reputable company offering professional & efficient services at
 a reasonable rate. We specialize in solving all types of Plumbing and Sanitary problems for both residential and commercial properties. We provide a wide range of services and all come with our satisfaction
guarantee. Atlanta Area Plumbing has been proudly serving the Atlanta Metro Area for over 20 Years.  We
 will save you time and money.

We are all familiar with plumbing problems. Leaks, flooding, sink clogs, water that simply won't heat up -- we've all been there. Thoroughly acquainted with the unique plumbing structure in Atlanta, our expert plumbers are set to provide you with the best and most professional plumbing solutions for any
water-related emergency

Plumbing Repairs, replacements and new installations available of all of the following:

Water Heaters


Tankless Water Heater Installations...Certified Installers

Water Heater Repair, Replace, Installations Water Heaters Electric, Gas Leaking, Problems 40 50 Gallon and
up Water Heater Elements, Thermostats, Gas Control Valves, Thermocoupler

Repairs and Replacements

Thermal Expansion Tanks, Code Upgrades/Code Violation Corrections

Sewer and Drain


Sewer and Drain Specialists Repairs and Replacements

Clogs, Leaks, Broken Lines, Sewer Unstops Sewer Lines, Clogged drains, slow drains, lines snaked out, repairs, replacements, backups, stoppages, blockages, Clear a Slow or Clogged Drain, Drain Line Cleaning, Drain Line Experts, Sewer Smell in House, Sewer Vents

Roots in Lines Clearing Drain Clog or Blockage; Camera Locate of Drain Line Breakage

Video Camera Inspections/TV & Fiber-Optic Camera Line Inspections

Tap Locations, Cleanouts

Septic to Sewer Conversions

Sewer Ejector Pumps, Sump Pumps Main & Backup Sump Pumps Sewage Pumps Systems

Sewer Main Clearing, Installation, Replacement or Repair

Sump Pump or Interior Foundation Drains Installation

Slow Drains, Kitchen Sink Drain, Shower Drain, Unstop a Slow or Clogged Drain



Toilets, Showers and Bathtubs Faucets dripping, will not shutoff, replacements, repair
Toilets rocking, running, leaking

Bathroom and Kitchen Sinks and Faucets Cartridges, Stems, Valves, Diverters, Handles, Leaks,

Garbage Disposals Repaired, Replaced, Unjammed

Drinking Fountains
Dishwasher, Installs Replacements

Water Softeners



Fixture Valves, Leaks, Clogs, Stoppages, Blockages

Hosebibs repaired and replaced Hose bibs, installs, repairs, replacements Exterior Faucets Leaking, Won't Turn Off, Frozen

PRV..Pressure reducing and relief valves Water Pressure PRV, pressure adjustment,too high, low, replacements

Water Lines

Check Valves Installed

Water Lines Repaired, Replaced, Installed for Less Water Main Installation, Replacement or Repair

Water Lines Breaks, Leaks We repair or replace, any damaged or leaking pipes and fittings; copper, galvanized, polybutylene, cpvc, pvc, polyethylene, blue poly, grey poly, supply lines, hose bibs, emergency shutoffs, pex piping.

Leaks at Meters Leaks in yards, walls, ceilings, foundations, basements, pipes, slow leaks, burst pipes,
leaking pipes, broken pipes, fix pipe, frozen pipes

Blue Poly Repairs and Replacements Atlanta Area Specialists

High Water Bills, Leaking pipe from street to house, Leak from meter to house Mainline Leak

Leak Detection Services Pipe Work Underground Line Detection

Slab Leaks

Gas Lines

Installations for Ovens, Stoves, Grills, Pool Heaters, Water Heaters, Gas Logs

Remodels and Additions

Bathrooms Add a Bathroom in a Basement



Tenant Buildout

Home Inspection Punch List


Whole House or Partial with a 10 Year Warranty

Blue Poly

Galvanized, Copper, PVC, Cast Iron

Stolen Copper Lines

Other Services

Other Services also available. Contact Us.

Discounts and Coupons


We proudly offer Military and Senior Citizen Discounts

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Atlanta Area Plumbing accepts all major credit cards, checks,  and cash




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