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                    Pressure Regulators, PRV, Pressure Reducing Valve


The purpose of the pressure regulator is to reduce the pressure of water that is supplied from the main water supply source to your home.  Water supply to homes are distributed at a very high pressure to reach all the homes in the area and the pressure reducing valve reduces this pressure to a more efficient and manageable pressure for your home.

The Uniform Plumbing Code requires a pressure reducing valve on all plumbing systems exceeding 80 psi.  This requirement will prevent damage of the piping system due to excessive pressure.  Acceptable Water Pressure for a home  is between 55 and 80 psi.  Anything over 80 psi is considered excessive and could cause damage to your plumbing system. 


What is Water Pressure?

When a fixture in a home is opened and water flows from it, it is because the water is "pushed".  This "push" is pressure.  The speed at which water flows from the opened outlet depends on the amount of "push" or pressure which exists at that time in the system.  In short, the higher the pressure, the stronger the "push" behind the water.

                                        What is Wrong with High Water Pressure?

High water pressure, which is generally considered anything above 80 lbs. has some advantage such as in firefighting systems.  However, in the home plumbing system, it can be damaging because water, with a strong "push" behind it, can erode or wear away many materials and cause water heaters to leak, banging water pipes, dripping faucets, excessive dishwasher and clothes washer noise and breakdown, and leaking water pipes.  Therefore, water flowing at a rate in excess of that necessary to satisfy normal fixture or appliance demands becomes damaging, wasteful and reduces the life expectancy of equipment in the system.  Most important to the average homeowner is that high water pressure can add to the cost of water, energy and waste water bills.

Signs Your PRV Needs to be Replaced

Discharge of temperature/pressure relief valve on the water heater

Shower valve or faucets leaking even after repair or soon after replacement

Water shut off valves under fixtures leaking or even being "blown off" the pipe

Water Heater tank failures                

                                        Why Do I Have Low Water Pressure?

The following are some suggestions to look for inside of your house:

Check for a clogged screen on one of your faucets.

Check faucets to see if they are leaking

Check your shut off valve and see if it is opened all the way

The following are some suggestions to look for outside of your house:

There could be a leak in the water line between the water meter and your home.  If you notice that water is standing in your yard, especially in dry weather, you may have a leak in your yard line.  There could be a water main break,  If you notice that water is coming out of the ground or street in front of your house or in your neighborhood, there may be a main break.


Listen for the sound of running water inside and outside of your home, especially under your house.

                            How Can I Get a Water Pressure Regulator Installed?


The easiest way would be to call your local qualified plumbing contractor who can provide you with an estimateand also advise of the various type of regulators available and the one best suited for your home.

There are some laws which provide that only a licensed plumbing contractor be permitted to work on the home potable drinking water system for health and safety purposes.

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